The blog. A format I have actively resisted for years. The word itself is ugly. Blog. It sounds like something made of hard mucus, something you wouldn’t want to put in your mouth, certainly something to keep away from children. A hideous byproduct of a despicable age. The blog caters to our laziest impulses, our most childish neediness, our most ludicrous impatience. I don’t like reading on a screen, and now I ask others to do what I despise. I disgust even myself.

But off I go. Call me a coward, call me an apologist, call me what you will. I’ll most certainly spare you the chore of reading memoirs or poems or anything like that. The focus here will be musical. Content covered will be both new and old. The idea of “keeping up with the times” revolts me, and I resolutely refuse to pay attention.

I am truly sorry to make you read on a screen, but I’m afraid I simply don’t know what else to do…