On January 8th of this year, David Bowie shocked those who cared by announcing that he had completed work on a new record. Two singles were released with accompanying videos, followed by the record itself. All in the space of two months, all without comment from Bowie. No interviews, no press statements, no television appearances, no live dates in the works.

Last week, Rick Moody became the only writer thus far to get anything out of Bowie on the topic. In response to a request for a “work flow diagram,” Bowie supplied him with a list of 42 provocative words.

Moody took this list and wrote a truly wild piece in response, a piece I read with the sweaty-palmed excitement of the enthusiast. At its conclusion, Moody created a fictional Bowie anthology focusing on material released since 1990.

After a bit of back and forth the day the piece appeared, Moody asked me to provide input for possible amendments to his anthology. I sent him a few songs, then came home from work and started playing through Bowie’s music from the last 23 years.

Now, four days later, I have assembled my own hour-long anthology covering this era. I tried to respond, in terms of both content and sequence, to the curious atmosphere conjured by Bowie’s 42 words….

David Bowie – Effigy (1990-2013)

1.) “The Motel” (Outside, 1995)

2.) “I Would Be Your Slave” (Heathen, 2002)

3.) “Jump They Say” (Black Tie, White Noise, 1993)

4.) “New Killer Star” (Reality, 2003)

5.) “Sunday” (Heathen, 2003)

6.) “Thursday’s Child” (‘hours…’, 1999)

7.) “I Can’t Read” (Tin Machine, 1990)

8.) “5:15 The Angels Have Gone” (Heathen, 2002)

9.) “Brilliant Adventure” (‘hours…’, 1999)

10.) “Slow Burn” (Heathen, 2002)

11.) “Dirty Boys” (The Next Day, 2013)

12.) “Conversation Piece” (Heathen bonus disc, 2002)

13.) “A Small Plot of Land” (Basquiat: Original Soundtrack, 1995)

14.) “Heat” (The Next Day, 2013)